Drishti: A Concentrated Gaze

Curated by Elizabeth Heskin and Patricia Spergel and presented in collaboration with the NURTUREart Registry of Artists and Curators

artists: Andrew Baron, Jebah Baum, Paul Behnke, Emily Berger, Mary Bucci McCoy, Sasha Cohen, Guy C. Corriero, Beth Dary, Graham Durward, Ashley Garrett, Nicola Ginzel, Elizabeth Gourlay, Hiroyuki Hamada, Julian Hatton, William Holton, Sharon Horvath, Erick Johnson, Zachary Keeting, Osamu Kobayashi, Jaena Kwon, Aubrey Levinthal, Timothy Linn, Sarah Lutz, Kathryn Lynch, Amy Mahnick, Jackie Meier, Tracy Miller, Keiko Narahashi, Petra Nimtz, Fran O’Neill, Mary Schwab, Judith Simonian, Sandi Slone, Patricia Spergel, Sarah J. Tortora, Katharine Umsted

Opening Reception: Monday April 11, 6-8pm

April 11 - July 1

NARS Foundation Spring Open Studios

Saturday, March 19, 2-6pm

201 46th St. 4 FL, Studio #408, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Stop by and see what I'm working on, and visit with the rest of the NARS community:

Keren Anavy, Niamul Bari, Emily Berger, Fernanda Carvalho, Yen-Ting Chung, Hyunjung Cho, Sasha Cohen, Ana de la Cueva, Magali Duzant, Kate Geck, Cecilia Jansson, Jennifer Laiwint, Alexis Myre, Suzanne Russell, Noël St. John Harnden, Mauro Soggiu, Elena Soterakis, Bénédicte Thoraval, Gus Wheeler, Erich Winzer



Over, Under, Through

Curated by Mollie Flanagan

NARS Foundation, 201 46th St. 4 FL, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Opening Recepton: Friday, September 11, 6-8pm

September 11 - October 9


Art of the Northeast

Curated by Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam

Silvermine Arts Center, 1037 Silvermine Road, New Canaan, CT 06840

Opening Reception: Saturday June 6, 6-8pm

June 6-July 26

Sorry Archive group show

Opening reception: Friday November 7, 6-9 pm

Knockdown Center, 52-19 Flushing Ave. Maspeth, NY, 11378

November 7-30

Sorry Archive is pleased to present And the Villagers Never Liked You Anyway, an archaeological excavation of a 10’x10’ bed of dirt overseen by Dr. Ulf Hueber. The space is gridded into 10 plots, each with its own curator. The plots act as experimental test pits* for heterogeneous creative practices.

Exhibitions are historical sites: they reveal with varying degrees of transparency the events and personalities that produced them. A wide range of curatorial perspectives are situated here within the same set of physical constraints. The objects that emerge are not emblems. They are substances articulated over time and forced into tight quarters, and their materiality cannot be ignored.

Sorry Archive’s scientific approach to this exhibition aims to reorient viewers in their relationship to art objects. Viewers become excavators, grounded in the real, negotiating strata of cause and effect. Yet they are faced with an array of microcosmic histories and impossible mythologies. There can be no endpoint of knowledge gathered from this paradoxical dig, where factual time is altogether disturbed. New works fall into seeming ruin. Gaps in knowledge pock all surfaces with expanses of the unknowable. This site is populated with artifacts of the future, a reverse archaeology of the present. ▩

* A small excavation unit dug to learn what the depth and character of the stratum might be, and to determine more precisely which strata contain artifacts and other material remains. 

Curators and Artists:

99¢ Plus is a storefront gallery, studio and store. Simran Johnston

Aeaeae Gallery is a nomadic location for solo and group shows. Matthew Speedy

Chris Romero is a curator. Desiree Leary

Just In Time is a viral support group. [Names withheld]

Packet is a biweekly art publication. Anthony Cudahy, Bridget Collins, Chris Nosenzo, Christine Zhu, Ian Lewandowski, Nicole Reber

SIGNAL is a gallery located in Brooklyn. Anna K. Miller

Sorry Archive is a platform for alter egos' exhibitions. Adam Ledford, Alexandra Lombard, Cara Marie Piazza, Carbon Therrien, Carmel Dunlap, Chris Milic, Reade Bryan, Reid Strelow, Sasha Cohen, Saul Schisler, Sophy Naess, Yasunari Izaki

Vanessa Thill is an artist, curator, and writer. Alexandra Lerman, Laura Miller, Tai Yin Ho

Where is a semi-public, high-security shipping container and publishing project. Lucy Hunter, R. Lyon

curated by Sorry Archive

Reticulant Matter

I participated in this collaborative performance led by Kara Schmidt on May 4, where we used yarn to create a tensile "structure within a structure", interacting with passersby to highlight the daily negotiations and complications of traversing public space.

Below are some stills to click through:

MFA Thesis Show

CCNY, Compton Goethals Hall, 140th St. and Amsterdam Ave., first floor gallery

Opening Reception: Thursday April 11, 6-9pm

April 8-12


Curated by Risa Shoup

111 Front St. #200, Brooklyn, NY

Opening Reception: April 4, 6-9pm

April 4-28